Admittedly, I have a very interesting first name for the German language, which my mother gave me as an admirer of the great pianist Svyatoslav Richter.

This is probably already a sign that I come from a musical family, grew up in opera and music lessons (singing), so to speak, and that I myself have been very happy to follow this path.

My main focus is on conducting choirs, with a special emphasis on professional youth choirs. After a long time in Johannesburg, where I continuously conducted 5 choirs at a very high level for 15 years, I emigrated to Austria with my family in August 2012 and we already "enjoy" our new life in this beautiful country.

Currently I am conducting the choirs Hausruckvoices, Kienzl Choir, Riedberg Choir, the Musikkapelle Meggenhofen, doing all of the church music and musical youth work in Aistersheim, and teaching two media groups with disabled people in Altenhof am Hausruck. The very full daily programme is rounded off with students in singing, piano and saxophone.

Another profession is my recording studio "RGM-RECORDS", which also specialises in choirs, but is also open to other musical genres.

For further details, please refer to my CV which I will gladly send you on request. You are welcome to contact me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Masters Degree in Chor dirigieren, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University unter Prof. Kaare Hanken der University of Norway

  • Student number: 200342371
  • ATCL Trinity Diplom in saxophone, mit Auszeichnung (2011)
  • Masters Degree, 2000 – 2003 (Teilzeit)
  • Thesis: Contemporary approaches to learning through Choral singing.
  • University of the North West
  • Student number:  10092773
  • B.Mus (Honors degree in Music, 1996 - 1997)
  • B.Mus (Bachelors of Music degree, 1992 – 1995)
  • Grade 8 piano, University of South-Africa (1992)
  • Matriculated High Volkschool Heidelberg (1990)

Music technology training, ich arbeite mit bzw. beherrsche folgende Software:
•    Finale
•    Sibelius
•    Sonar
•    Wave Lab
•    Band in a Box
•    MS Excel
•    MS Power Point
•    MS Outlook
•    MS Word

  • Spezialpreis erhalten für die beste Aufführung des Pflichtwerks,  Jeugland girl’s choir. ATKV national choir competition 2011
  • Gesamtgewinner des South African National Choir competition, ATKV, boys, girls and mixed choir category. Overall winner (August 2011)
  • Gewinner der Kategorien Jugenchor und Gospel, Interkultuur Musica Sacra Competition in Rome (July, 2011)
  • Gold Medaille beim Riva del Garda Choral competition (Italy, 2010)
  • RGM Recording label (Richter Grimbeek Music Studio)
  • Eingeladen zu den  World Choir Games (Olympics) in Graz/ Austria 2008
  • Award als bester Dirigent, Prague International Advent Competition (2007)
  • Herausragendster Dirigent Südafrikas, Preis der South African Choral Society (2004 & 2005)
  • Gründung und Einrichtung des “Richter Grimbeek Musik Studios” zu Hause, spezialisiert in der Aufnahme von Stimmen (Vocals), backing tracks und music technology. (2003 – current)
  • Mitglied und Solist des World Youth Choir, Sommer-Session in Japan unter Robert Sundt und Naboeki Tanaka (1997)
  • Mitglied und Solist des World Youth Choir, Sommer-Session in Taiwan unter Andre Thomas (1998)
  • Mitglied und Solist des World Youth Choir, Winter-Session in Europa und Skaindinavien unter Maria Guinand (1999)
  • Mitglied und Dirigent (African section), des Welt-Kammerchors, Sommer-Session in Südafrika unter Steve Zegree (2000-2001)
  • Heidelberg Chamber of Business cultural award für den Beitrag zur Entwicklung von Kultur und Kindern in der Gemeinschaft (2002)
  • Performed Master classes mit dem Namibian Costal Youth Choir (Nachbarland zu Südafrika)
  • Workshop mit Felix Nassi aus Benin in Afrika, Spezialisierung in afrikanischer Musik.
  • Crescendo, national music competition, finalist (1997)
  • Gewinner des “ University music talent competition” (1996 & 1997)
  • Crescendo, national music competition, finalist (ATKV, 1997)
  • RBN Bursary for post graduate studies (1996)
  • Gewinner des “University Campus talent competition instrumental” (1996)
  • Tenor Solist im Bach Chor (Schubert Festival, Art Buchau, 1996)
  • John Rutter: Requiem (South African Chamber Orchestra, Hausruckvoices)
  • Faure: Requiem (South African Chamber Orchestra, Hausruckvoices)
  • Brahms: German Requiem (SA Chamber Orchestra, Mozart Orchester mit Hausruckvoices)
  • Mozart: Requiem (SA National Youth Choir and Chamber Ensemble)
  • Rheinberger: Stabat Mater (Norwegian Barat Due Orchestra)
  • Schubert: Mass in G-Major (Norwegian Barat Due Orchestra)
  • Downtown: Musical (SA National Chamber Orchestra)
  • Puccini:  Messa di Gloria (SA National Chamber Orchestra)
  • Handel:  Messiah (SA National Chamber Orchestra)
  • Requiem for the victims of violence and crime in South Africa (World Premiere, conducted with a Chamber Ensemble – 17 August 2007)
  • Gloria – Hester R v/d Westhuizen (2008)
  • Magnificat – Hester R v/d Westhuizen (2009)
  • Arrivedeci Roma (Jeugland boys and girls choir, 2011)
  • ‘n Christusfees vir Vrede (Rheinberger Chamberchoir, 2011)
  • Prayer of the Children (East Rand Youth Choir, 2010)
  • Bridge over troubled waters (Randburg High, 2010)
  • Magnificat (East Rand Youth Choir and Rheinberger Chamber Choir 2009)
  • Gloria (Rheinberger Chamber Choir 2008)
  • The Music of God (East Rand Youth Choir 2008)
  • O Happy Day (Jeugland Girls Choir, 2008)
  • Sing –It (Randburg School Choir, 2008)
  • Requiem For The Victims Of Crime And Violence In South Africa (2007)
  • Abendlied (Rheinberger Chamber Choir, 2007)
  • I Leave With A Song (East Rand Youth Choir, 2007)
  • Sing me to Heaven (East Rand Youth Choir, 2005)
  • Benedictio (East Rand Youth Choir, 2004)
  • Plea from Africa (East Rand Youth Choir, 2003)
  • I Gondolieri (Jeugland boys and girls Choir, 2002)
  • East Rand Youth Choir 25 Years Celebration of Choir Music (2002)
  • Bridge (East Rand Youth Choir, 2001)
  • Heimat (Heidelberg Male Choir, 2001)
  • A Christmas Celebration (Heidelberg Male Choir, 2000)
  • Praise His Holy Name (North West Youth Choir, 2000)
  • Jubilate Deo (North West Youth Choir, 1999)
  • Trilogy (North West Youth Choir, 1998)
  • Boulevard Harmonists (1996)
  • Dirigent, Südafrika Premiere, Gloria und Magnificat, Auftragswerk für Chor und Orchester (2009)
  • Jeugland Girls Chor, Gewinner der Kategorie “Mädchenchor“, ATKV national choir competition (2009)
  • Jeugland Boys choir, Gewinner der Kategorie „Knabenchor“, ATKV national choir competition.(2008)
  • Randburg Mixed choir, Gewinner der Kategorie „Gemischter Chor“, ATKV national choir competion. (2008)
  • Jeugland Boys choir, Gesamtgewinner ATKV choir competition. (2007)
  • East Rand Youth Choir, Gewinner der Kategorie “Große Chöre”, Prague Advent Competition. (2007)
  • East Rand Youth Choir, Gewinner “Spezial Prise”, Chor mit dem besten Klang, Prague Advent Competition. (2007)
  • Jeugland Girls choir eingeladen zu den Chor-Olympics in Graz, Österreich 2008
  • Randburg High School – 3 Diplome und Finalist im national School Eisteddfod
  • Dirigent, Weltpremiere – Requiem for the victims of crime and violence in South Africa. (2007)
  • 2 Gold Medaillen and 1 Silber beim 16’Th Advent Choir competition in Prague mit dem High School Jeugland Boys & Girls choir. (2006)
  • Best conductor award, Prague Advent Competition. (2006)
  • Jeugland Girls Choir, Gesamtgewinner der ATKV Mädchen- und Knabenchor Sektion(2006)
  • Tirisano national champion in der Kategorie gemischter Chor mit dem High Volkschool Heidelberg choir (2005)
  • East Rand Youth Choir, Spezialpreis Gewinner beim Riva Del Garda Wettbewerb in Italien for die beste Performance eines Auftritts (Motet 2 by Martin Watt, 2005)
  • East Rand Youth Choir, Gewinner des Riva Del Garda Choir Wettbewerbs in Italien in der the Kategorie “Jugendchor”.
  • Gewinner des FNB national Tirisano Jingle Wettbewerbs, Heidelberg High Volkschool Choir (2003)
  • Gewinner des Alberton Eisteddfod Choir competition , Heidelberg High Volkschool Choir (2003)
  • East Rand Youth Choir Cape Province Tour South-Africa. (2002)
  • Heidelberg Männerchor Mpumalanga Tour South-Africa. (2002)
  • Aufführung des Rheinberger Stabat Mater mit dem North West Youth Choir (2001)
  • East Rand Youth Choir European Tour Teilnahme in der Peter Ebens Christmas Choir Competition in Prague – Gewinner der Goldmedaille. (2001)
  • Aufführung der Schubert Messe in G-Dur mit dem East Rand Youth Choir in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Norwegian Youth Orchestra, Barat Due. (2001)
  • Musical, Downtown, Aufgeführt mit dem Heidelberg High Volkschool Choir und orchestra. (2000)

2012-now(in Austria!)

  • Chorgemeinschaft Hausruckvoices
  • Kienzl Chor
  • Riedberg Chor
  • Wemscht Jugendchor
  • Kirchenmusik Aistersheim mit Kirchen- und Jugendchor
  • 2 Mediengruppen mit Beeinträchtigten, Das Dorf Altenhof
  • Musikkapelle Meggenhofen
  • Privatschüler auf Gesang, Klavier, Saxophon

2001- 2011

Choir-Conductor / Director

  • Mädchenchor Jeugland High School (Mädchen im Alter 14-19, 125 Mitglieder – seit 2002)
  • Knabenchor Jeugland High School (Knaben im Alter 14 – 19, 90 Mitglieder – seit 2002)
  • East Rand Youth Chor (gemischt Mädchen&Knaben im Alter 14 – 21, 80 Mitglieder – seit 2001)
  • Rheinberger Kammerchor für erwachsene Stimmen (Alter 21+, 55 Mitglieder – seit 2003)
  • Randburg High School gemischter Chor (Alter 14 – 19, 110 Mitglieder – seit 2006)

Music-director and atristic director
•    Kempton Kruin Dutch Reformed Church (2002 – 2011)

Piano-, Saxophon- Teacher for singing
•    Privatlehrer für Musikstudenten (1994 - 2011)

Training for Musictechnology
•    Private teacher for music students

2005 – 2006    
Music-director and atristic director
•    Brandwag High School gemischter Chor  (age14-19, 70 members, 2001-2004)
•    Heidelberg High Volkschool Orpheum Chor (mixed, age 14 – 19, 90 members, 1997 - 2004)

Teacher for piano and singing
•   private teacher for music students

Training for Musictechnology
•    Private teacher for music students

2000 – 2004    
Music-director and atristic director
•    Heidelberg Male Choir (age 21and higher, 40 singers)
•    Heidelberg High Volkschool Orpheum Chor (mixed age 14 – 19, 90 singers)

Teacher for piano and singing
•   private teacher for music students

Training for Musictechnology
•    Private teacher for music students

Music director
•    Boulevard Harmonists ( 6 –persons Vocalensemble)

Choir Conductor
•    North West Youth Choir (mixed, age 14-19, 80 members, since 1998)

Teacher for piano and singing
•   private teacher for music students

Teacher for piano and singing
•   private teacher for music students

Pianist, Conductor and arranger:
•    National Chamber Orchestra, Mmabatho

•    National Youth Choir jährlich beim Drakensberg Boys Choir South Africa, 300 Mitglieder (gemischter Chor, Alter 14 – 21)

Assistent conductor:
•    Roodepoort Civic Theatre (Beethoven’s 9th Sinfonie)

1992 – 1997    Student: University of North West Potchefstroom Campus
Experience obtained during studies:
•    Mitglied und Solist des Universitäts Chors (1995 – 1998)
•    Mitglied und Solist des  National Youth and Chamber Choir (1997)
•    Musik Direktor der ersten Musical-Produktion am Universitäts-Campus:  Broadway (1997)
•    Musik Direktor des Musicals Binglestreet (1998)
•    Musik Direktor des Musicals Downtown (1999)

Member of South African Army-Chors


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